Temporary hosting for INTL Day Of Peace on CasaDeMetta

It is about that time of the year when International Day of Peace is about here. But this year’s Casa De Metta’s sub-theme is in support of the United Nations (U.N.) 14 year project of ending poverty and creating sustainable communities in our world.

Our goal is to create the coherence of peacefulness via meditation and prayer that was proven by two separate groups in the summer of 1993 and the summer of 1997 in Washington, D.C. The first was accomplished by a group of Transendental Meditators, who came into the city over a week or 10 day period and practiced what they have taught millions, worldwide to do; connect hearts with a single purpose of peacefulness. And the summer crime waves, of that era, was significantly reduced by nearly 20%.

And several years later, during the late summer/early fall of 1997 a group of Promise Keepers appeared on the Mall in numbers of up to 500 thousand, with similar results. There is no doubt in my mind and from the research that is available that if we extend this ribbon / wave of peaceful meditation and prayer around our globe, this mandate by the U.N. will have additional support and success will be eminent.

The science says when one tenth of one percent of a group or city, village, state or the world is in unison, the magical powers, as we experienced in 1993 and 1997 will positively impact the minds of the many. More examples will be posted on the web page for IDOP, in upcoming weeks.

Take for example when prayer was removed from public schools, because one person though it was not constitutional. We the people, just let that happen!! And a change in the minds of our young shifted to non-religious/spiritual thoughts. And our world, I believe has resulted into young minds being absent, for the most part of what we had prior to this one constitutional amendment. The meek and the mild, need now, to stand firm for individual inner peace and for the collective peace of our world. If you do not agree, that is alright, we only need 70,000,000 believers of our 7 billion plus world population to see, believe and become a part of this, what I believe, is a way to impact our world positively.

Please visit InternationalDayOfPeace.us or INTLDayOfPeace.org for the ongoing information to sign up for your 15 mins or more per month, week or daily prayer and meditation. Soon we will be able to join in together on the zoom and the symphony web-based platforms to experience millions of us at a time together, worldwide.



The definition of Metta is:
Loving-kindness, Friendliness, Benevolence,
Amity, Friendship, Good Will, Kindness,
A close mental union (on same mental wavelength)
AND, active interest in others.
This is unconditional LOVE.

This is …..
A Non-Profit Corp, filed in Maryland,
December 21, 2012
501(c)3 to be applied for by Sept, 2015 

The word Metta, means amity which is defined as Peace Between Nations. And we at Casa de Metta corporaton support peace; inner peace which leads to peace within our families, within our neighborhoods, our state, our nation, between nations and walla, THE WORLD.

Casa de Metta corporation is a vision of many ideas based on progressive meditation that has begun to unfold into (1) a retreat center in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (2) the development of Permaculture Structures for the perpetual sustainability of small communities and (3) organic farming on the local level. Although we are not the experts in (2) and (3) above, we intend to keep the information flowing so that with knowledge we will have power, to make changes.

With regards to the retreat centers: two distinct regions are being considered; one in Northern Maryland and another in Southern Ecuador in the vicinity of Vilcabamba .

Casa de Metta corporation also supports the IntlDayOfPeace.org, Eco Savings Corp, B-Corporations and other initiatives that invite the positive movement in sustainable and peaceful environmental awareness and development. A peaceful environment is one where we respect the rights of those who can not speak for themselves. For as we develop systems to live closer to our environment, in exchange for our sustenance, we are then able to “build up” verses “tear down” and destroying what nature so courageously provides for us.

And in the example of Ecuador, the Constitution includes a novel set of articles that appear to be the first in any Constitution granting inalienable rights to natureAnd the acton that is needed, now, is to begin studying, categorizing and preparing ourselves to use this valuable information. A significant chorus of economists and technology experts have insisted, however, that with or without a binding restriction on emissions, an epic energy quest is needed — and not being pursued. Time, we feel, is of the essence for educating all who live on spaceship earth.

You can become a part of the “Now, Action Plan” and no more waiting for your neighbor or some other country to make it work. As part of the largest problem, the industrialized world, we have to start with one. Me, for one, and you make three. For me as one, I am limited, and you as one are also limited, but you and I form a third entity, We Two become exponentially more powerful as we share 1) knowledge, 2) solutions 3) using historically proven possibilities.

Casa de Metta corporation has begun to do just that, by connecting with other organizations and by having an intention to make a difference with educating those who are motivated in making a difference. We hope that as we develop resources, you will become a part of this trend to protect out resources, as the technology we hope to be developed and is being developed, will change the directions for sustainable awareness in each of us.