About Us

CASA de METTA is an idea that began in 2002 and has recently filed as a nonprofit organization June 21, 2017. Our mission statement is: “To assist other non-profits and individuals, world-wide, through fund raising and programs developed to educate and provide a platform for world peace and harmony”.

This will extend to various educational seminars and workshops on health techniques based on all-natural healing methodologies; and to inspire, empower, and support all who seek to achieve a healthy balance in all areas of life. For it is believed, than with excellent health, we can accomplish anything and everything, including world peace and harmony.


In my Father’s house are many mansions:

Of Loving-kindness, (Progressive Meditation®)

Friendliness, Joy,  (Love Drives Peace)


Goodwill, (Living Healthy Wealthy & Wise )

on Same Wavelength,

Active Interest in the welfare of Others,

Peace that begins from within

Peace be to ALL