About Us

CASA de METTA is a nonprofit organization founded on December 21, 2012. Our mission is to provide educational seminars and workshops on health techniques based on all-natural healing methodologies; and to inspire, empower, and support all who seek to achieve a healthy balance in all areas of life.

Programs are being prepared to be marketed in the Metro Washington D.C. region and these programs are being presented free of charge to businesses and corporations, both private and governmental. These programs will be presented by a staff of professionals currently in this region who practice the healing arts, including but not limited to: meditation, yoga, thai chi, nutritional counseling, physical fitness etc.

Our list of practitioners include Medical Doctors, Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractors, Phycologists, Board Certified Nutritionist. Our list also includes, within the physical fitness programs; qualified/certified instructors of physical fitness, pilates, exercise, yoga, thai chi, meditation and breathing exercises along with others who will help educate and improve the lifestyles of many in the Metro DC Region.

The organization is currently run by 3 board members, and 2 staff; the President and an Administrator.  The board members, as well as the staff, have individual experience, which they bring to help build the organization from the ground up.


In my Father’s house are many mansions:

Of Loving-kindness, (Progressive Meditation®)

Friendliness, Joy,  (Love Drives Peace)

Friendship, (Unseen Scenes)

Goodwill, (Living Healthy Wealthy & Wise )

on Same Wavelength, (Mentoring of Youth in Art)

Active Interest in the welfare of Others, (Reiki in Nursing-homes)

Peace that begins from within (LoveDrivesPeace.org)

Peace be to ALL

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