Dreams Come True

Bring Forth a Dream into Reality
Ron Mohl, Sr.’s Vision

CASA de METTA corporation is the fulfillment of a dream I have envisioned since 2002. It is also the result of a deep commitment to a belief in self-empowerment.  Along with a strong passion for sharing a burning desire to contribute to the betterment of humanity.

I started learning how to meditate in 1981 as a result of a need to heal myself.  I did not want to take prescription medications. Several years prior to 1981, each book I purchased  referenced meditation in some way.  Responding to my inner voice, as is my custom, I knew, I needed to learn more about meditation;  thus my journey began.  I started the process by learning meditation from a book that taught visualizing the flickering light of a candle. This took some pratice, but I started feeling relaxed, peaceful, powerful and joyful. This path also included listening to and reading information on: how to motivate ones self to how to accomplish goals and to create results that flow from my inner thoughts and feelings. My library still contains all of those books today.

After being referred by a client, in April 2002, I joined the Brahma Kumars and began their Raja Yoga Meditation course.  Through this meditation course, I was able to have a closer connection to my source, which I call, God, Baba.

As I meditated more frequently and for longer sessions. I started having wonderful thoughts about meditating on a mountain in a retreat setting. Later, I found out  that there is indeed such a place in the Catskill Mountains of New York known as Peace Village,  it is run by the Brahma Kumars. I went there in May of 2002 and returned several times that year and subsequent years until Dec, 2010.

I found Peace Village, not only a place where I could meditate throughout the day and be at peace, but I started uncovering my inner peace and inner happiness as never before. This place became an integral part of my life for 8 more years.

I migrated from Florida to the Metro DC region out of a burning desire to follow this voice from within. This voice, which I currently call my “co-creation voice” was and is directing me daily. Many of the ideas for Casa de Metta corporation were formulated from 2002 to 2008. This influence was primarily due to my regular visits to Peace Village.

My vision became very clear. This vision was a place similar to the Peace village. A retreat facility on large acreage of land with various facilities. Teaching and offering a wide range of programs and services related to and teacher of “the healing arts”, including, but not limited to: meditation, yoga, thai chi, nutritional basics etc. A place for people to retreat both during the week as well as over the weekends and for extended periods; a week, a month, a quarter year… A place to spend as much time as they desired: to meditate, heal, and benefit from holistic living programs and services. It would be THE place to go where important work, writing or studying can be done in privacy. At the same time,  there will be sessions each day on meditation, “traffic control”, yoga or other healing arts of interest. With more extended sessions during the weekends, aka/ STRONG-ENDS; and if only to retreat in peace, silently….that is “ok” as well.

During this period, I also interacted with many people in different locations, with whom I shared my ideas and visions, but only when my heart opened and the occasion presented itself. I had learned many years earlier that one needs only speak to someone who has a similar objective and desire and only when the heart is connected and it gives the positive feeling, is it right to speak.

At a meeting on Peace Initiatives in Washington, D.C., November of 2006, I mentioned to a lady I had just met from Jordan, my story of following my heart’s desires to teach meditation.  She related my story about wanting to teach meditation, especially, within a public or private school setting, to someone the next day. Within a week I was introduced to the administrator of COEUS International School and subsequently it’s headmaster.

I began realizing the first part of my goals in January, 2007, teaching to 5th and 6th graders. This group of youngsters held nothing back,  answering questions and relating their inner feelings as only a child can.  At this point, I knew I would want to include the youth in any additional plans. Why the young ones? When I shared how to sit, breath and listen to one’s heart beat/ pulse  these students gained a feeling of power, a feeling of security, feelings of happiness.  This happened to a greater degree than with most adults, I have  taught…WE as children, respond to meditation, simply because we have not pushed away our connection to source…and their child like qualities of joy, love, peace and happiness (that already exist) are absorbed like sponges in water.

The basis of this meditation course at COEUS was conflict resolutions. The purpose to teach an alternative method for controlling and understanding anger, disappointment and all negative emotion. It was a resounding success. And we will be presenting this to schools throughout the Metro DC region in 2013.

Once again I mentioned my dream to a lady at a dinner party in September of 2007.  The part of the dream I told her about  was to teach on Capitol Hill to Staffers so they could work under enormous pressure, yet stay focused, relaxed and at ease. This would enable them to become as productive as possible. Her response, “When would you like to start”. I had been speaking to a manager of a congressman’s office. She was able to help me get rooms when congress was out of session. The main part of my vision, dream, goal and desire was fulfilled.

I taught this wonderful lady, the basic steps to my meditation process, named “Progressive Meditation®”.  After her sessions, she was convinced she wanted to help. It made significant changes in her life, during the 8 weekly 2-hour sessions. For me it confirmed moving to a city unfamiliar to me, within a group of people I did not know, was the right move.  I felt at home, everyday, and in every way; for the people I met, either were meditators or desired to learn this healing art. They were very supportive of this vision of mine.

CASA DE METTA was chosen as the name because of it’s meaning: loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, friendship, goodwill, kindness, close mental union and active interest in others. This term encompasses all of what I have tried to do with everyone I meet, work with, and helped in my lifetime.

I have a friend from the Czech Republic to thank for this powerful word. She ended each email she sent me with the words, “with metta”. I asked what did this word mean? When I heard the meaning and later found out even more about this word, I knew it would be included in this vision of peace, known as “Casa de Metta”.

This idea had grown in my heart and several years later, Casa de Metta corporation is the platform for me to share some of the valuable resources that have significantly impacted my life, and the lives of many others. My mission is to inspire, empower, and support all who seek to evolve and live to the beat of their drum. Casa de Metta’s holistic living programs and services are open to all who seek to achieve a healthy balance in all areas of their life. Starting in early 2014, we intend to be presenting these programs to businesses, both large and small.  The hope is to inspire all to live a healthy/ wealthy lifestyle. This is the platform for me/us to share what has so positively changed my life.

I have shared stories, about my relationship with my dad, John E. Mohl Sr, with others which includes the experiences and all of the special learning moments with him. This site www.LoveDrivesPeace.org is where I commemorate my experiences with “Buster”, my dad’s nick name. I know that seeing my dad drive his ford pickup truck with all of the furniture to be refinished on the back, gave me the image of that payload being the block letters of l-o-v-e. My dad carried LOVE were ever he went. My gentle, noncritical dad and his love for others flows through my heart to each of you. In a powerful way, I am honored to share with you in www.LoveDrivesPeace.com, all I recall from being around my dad and my mom.

With www.PhotosByMohl.com you will be able to experience the world all special photos that have help many connect to their inner spirituality. www.PhotosByMohl.com is a place where winning photos were taken using my spiritual connection with these subjects in and of nature.

Both of these sites were created to help support Casa de Metta corporation and it’s programs.