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This contact page is for practitioners of the healing arts who are interested in having Casa de Metta corp market their services within the free programs to be presented to corporations, public and private as well as governmental entities, from all of the Governmental Departments in the Metro DC region to Colleges, Universities and Secondary Schools.  All clients you receive are 100% yours. We are not licensed to advise or explain what you already have accomplished. Our position is simply to provide the marketing of your services within a 30 to 45 min program. Where no more than 3 practitioners will host each session and have to travel no more that 15 or 20 mins. We therefore are looking for those practitioners who work within 50 miles of DC. We, then, will market in the areas that are near to you. And programs can begin as early as Nov 1st, 2013.

We believe in win-win-win mindset, that through educating workers / employees in this region, we will help reduce health care costs, especially for the employers and employees (the 1st win). We know that it will improve the quality of life (the 2nd win); for as we better understand the basics of nutrition and easy exercise, to begin, we can make better changes in our health (3rd win – good in more ways for humanity and our children’s future). By eating better, exercising regularly etc. based on starting from where one is today with a focus on short range and long range goals.

Casa de Metta corp is dedicated to bringing these ideas to where all can benefit. Together we can change what the educational systems do not include in their curriculum. I learned listening to my parents and my dad read a book on grandma’s healing remedies that is still with me today. It is all about what we ingest daily, that makes a difference.

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