Love Drives Peace

 Love Drives Peace – World Peace Day

Be the Peace you desire 
for the world
It must begin from within, we must show 
our love in everything we do
Progressive Meditation,
Remember Me Always and
Love Drives Peace

are committed to helping you become
a part of the peace initiatives being
lead by;

On this site are links and videos for
you to view as we plan several one day events at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. and other venues in the nations capital.



Ron started Progressive Meditation to
help others find a spiritual way to accomplish their goals. Long before knowing of the powerful shift in energy that we are currently experiencing, Ron used the spiritual laws of success to accomplish his personal and business goals.

With more to learn and even more to
give, Ron decided to move from Ft.
Lauderdale, FL to the Metro DC area,
simply because he realize that what
was recurring in his personal
meditation sessions needed to be acted upon.

Each of us have urgings, of one kind
or another, but few of us realize that it is the voice of infinite knowledge, that God voice within which is directing us. We are all connected to our creator and Ron’s main mission is to help everyone understand and reconnect to our spirituality. We will always be spirits and children of God, but as we are experiencing our human life, we can have peace, love and joy as we flow from moment to moment.

Become a part of this universal shift in
spirituality and energy. When we go from what’s in it for me to how can I help, the dynamics within and around us vibrate at a more loving and peaceful frequency.

We are all energy of life; the stars,
the moons, the trees, the animals; all
living beings and creatures; we are