How Love Drives Peace Started

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How Love Drives Peace got started

While visiting some friends of mine in October 2004, I observed a stressed out mother reacting to her son in a way that upset me. I remembered taking as much extra time with my son and daughter even when I was tired or busy doing something else, when they were that age. I felt sad and was inspired to put something on the internet that others could learn from.

It was a few hours later the words came to me; Love Drives Peace. Yea, I said to myself when we treat each other with passion, love, care and in a joyful manner; just as we would like to treated, treating others the way we would like to be treated, and not in a manner out of anger, hatred or even when we are stressed out. 

I thought what a difference we could make in this world with that attitude. Teaching as many people as possible a win, win, win mind set; a spiritual way to connect on all levels of life; from personal to business and everywhere in between.

So with those thoughts in mind I began many hours of thought and journaling that has brought this domain name from then, Oct 2004, to now, July 2009, as we are about to launch a campaign that potentially could span the globe. I am truly honored to have reread recently a small book titled “The Prayer of Jabez”. I can now see that my central theme I pray to my heavenly father, “use me to help others”, has been moving me to this point in my life.

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