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Objectives 2010

This web site is dedicate to supporting the efforts of organizations who’s primary goal is world peace. To help their efforts, Love Drives Peace website, will organize the following.

Our main objective in August of 2009 is to organize a 3 hour gathering at the Jefferson Memorial from 2PM to 5PM on Sunday September 19, 2009.

Our Second objective is to build this site with a data base capability of allowing individuals to commit for at least one 15-minute segment for silent meditation or prayer during the subsequent 365 day period from September 19, 2010 to September 21, 2012.

This goal is based on the fact that world peace needs a “24/365 focus”. And who better to do that than you and I.  We can begin this here in the Metro DC area. And we can begin to fill the time slots as of August 1, 2010, in preparation for this years World Peace Day event on 9-19-09 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.





are committed to helping you become
a part of the peace initiatives being
lead by;

On this site are links and videos for
you to view as we plan several one day events at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. and other venues in the nations capital.

Please contact ron mohl, sr. at
202-714-9833 to assist with organizing, support and or donations.


Let the beauty of Peace Shine within