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For Peace to exist, the element 
of Love must be present!

For Peace to exist in this lifetime of our world, LOVE must be present; Agape love. That special acceptance of what is and is not, of what may be or what may not be. For all is good, is great, is fine.If I think it, good or bad, it is in me, either good or bad. For I am the love that is, the love that I share, the love that I give so freely; for what is having some wealth, but no one to share it with. And it does not have to be financial wealth, it can be wealth of knowledge, of health of what ever you have or desire or are becoming. With no one to share this with is like living in an island amongst the crowds.Think for a moment and really, really ask yourself, if I am worthy of love? If you have an answer that is other than a resounding YES, then take a few moments and go to a special web site that will help you find what is most important in life., I know because I thought I loved. I thought I was O.K. I thought I had friends, until one day I had very little financial wealth and no friends. Everywhere I looked, I could not find those whom I had called my friends.So all I had left was me, myself and I. I began to study how to find the real me, the person whom I have always wanted to be. And in this process of many years, I not only found myself and began to love myself (which was counter to the Christian dogma I had acquired since a child. They, My Christian teachers were not wrong, just how the story is told, was not good or right for me.) I am still a Christian and my first love is Jesus Christ. I have also adopted a method of connecting with Jesus through a non-denominational, non-sectarian organization called the Bhrama Kumaris World Spiritual College, where meditation is the central means of reconnecting oneself to God, Baba, the supreme spirit.I recently heard some old songs of the Beatles and other groups singing about love. Love, Love, Love. We hear many singers and songs that do not talk about pure love but in many instances that is what they mean. It is just that what is in one’s mind is what creates the interpretation of what is good, or not so good. But isn’t a lie someone’s version of their truth?When we stop judging we will have nothing to fight about. I try to live each moment by loving everything and everyone, no matter what is done or said. When I find myself judging something or someone, I immediately “re-frame” that statement and take my “feelings” out of it. Detaching, clearing thoughts and being non-judgmental brings peace, joy and love into my life. And by having a strong faith and belief in what is good for all, all good comes to me. What we sow, is what we reap.When we can precede each and every thought or response with a thought of love, we can then conquer our world. Our God will come in and make the miracles happen. It is conquering of self love and then allowing you to love others, which will make peace for you and for your / our world.Before we can have Peace, there must first be love, agape LOVE.World peace, is it possible? Yes, without a doubt!! Do not look outside for it. Start your search today by learning these simple techniques.Learn to savor life’s beauty. And when you seek your inner beauty you will find peace.You will know that I have found that inner peace when you meet me. I will be happy to help you on your journey of self discovery.Email me at

HAVE GREAT DAYS ALWAYS!  Remember, Love drives Peace.