Let’s Unify

LOVE DRIVES PEACE / No Borders / No Religion / Just Pure Love

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By Unifying We Can make a DIFFERENCE – and by living Free and Respecting others way of life!!


When a force of several join to organize and lead a mission of truth, peace & love, untold energy and power comes in, I believe from our creator, God, and makes the impossible, possible.

Give us your assistance and together we will make a difference in our world. Love is the central element that is needed to carry Peace throughout the world.

When more of us start thinking and believing that we are all one, the momentum shifts and what you do effects me and the world and what I do affect you and the world. Therefore, I now want to do what is good for you and the world. With a shift in attitude from being by yourself and having a me-me-me mentality, we can begin to make monumental changes.

are committed to helping you become
a part of the peace initiatives being
lead by;

On this site are links and videos for
you to view as we plan several one day events at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. and other venues in the nations capital.

Please contact ron mohl, sr. atRon@ProgressiveMeditation.org
to assist with organizing, support and or donations.