AAA Jan 17, 2019 – Returning to Nature – Meditation, Yoga (and other healing arts) Retreat.

This is a 3 wk retreat program, divided so that you can partake for 2 wks, 3 or 4 weeks. If your schedule allows, there will be an additional 2 wks for travel to various spiritual locations in Ecuador as well. You will be able to join the program as listed here.

H. Love Drives Peace

Peace can only exist in LOVE. Without love, there can be no peace. I have to love you, even if I do not like what you do. I have to love you, even if you harm me. As Mother Teresa has so eloquently spoken: “when you have a rally on peace, I will be there”; for she only focused on the positive side of thoughts, instead of going to an Anti-War rally.

A. Healthy, Wealthy LifeStyles

with CdMc Holistic Practitioners – Health Wellness Presentations are given to Business Group Meetings, Corporations (Public and Private) and Governmental Organizations; weekly or bi-weekly.

B. The People Serving Humanity
with ASEA Assistance Project –  REDOX Signaling Molecules supplementations are gifted to individuals and families who have health challenges and who are Financially challenged as well. This program obtains it clients from ASEA Associates, world-wide (currently opened in USA & Canada) contact

C. Photos by Mohl
to be launched by 1-31-2016
a. Nature photos for home and office
b. eFrames for slide shows and videos
and by Local Videographers and photographers

a Positive Approach to Safe Driving everywhere

G. International Day of Peace
Presented by Progressive Meditation during the week before and one week after Sept 21, Annually, gatherings around the globe, celebrate World Peace. This day, Sept 21st was designated by the general Assembly of the United Nations for all peoples to unite and practice AMITY