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The Metta Fusion of Meditation with Movement

(Yoga Flow & Tai Chi Exercises)

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The Metta Fusion®™Technique
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Progressive Meditation has been a supporter of International Day of Peace since 2007

What is Progressive Meditation and the Metta Fusion®™ Technique?

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Hello and welcome. I have learned through my personal practice of meditation and the facilitating of others, that movement is a great way to begin our practice of meditation. The six parts of Progressive Meditation can be a beginning to helping you to have more clarity, increased energy and stamina when you take just a moment of focused time during or prior to a stressful event. (see “In Just A Minute” video, available Sept 21, 2013). 

Come join in and learn techniques that will improve your Meditation practice. These exercises are practiced by millions of people around the world. By combining the fluid movements of Tai Chi or Yoga before engaging in meditation, you are able to maximize your results and enter into a deeper meditative state.

When was the last time …
you experienced silence & stillness?

With Progressive Meditation you can experience the deep state of silence and stillness which begins the healing process of your body and mind. This healing or rejuvenation is what gives us – the feeling of restfulness, an extra charge of energy and mental clarity. It is like taking an afternoon siesta, without falling asleep.

This process can be accomplished in your office or home and can help you get through your day without a need for caffeine or sugar. which does not help your physical body. It takes time, attention and some direction, but everyone can do it.

Become a part of the growing number of Progressive Meditation practitioners and find your inner peace, love, joy and happiness.

Our CD for a healthy lifestyle, “Progressive Meditation Made Easy” is scheduled for release in September 2013. Don’t forget to give one to those on your list you love and who are special to you.

Office demonstrations are available for small groups of five to or more. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you during your lunch break or before or after work day and we can do it with a Skype conference call.[ ron dot mohl = Skype ]
Now what?

  1. keep practicing
  2. length is not as important as regularity
  3. expect improvements in energy levels, clarity and restful sleep

You may feel slightly energized and lighter. When you return to your normal activity of work, play etc. you may also find that your thoughts are clearer.

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