Classrooms for Julio Maria Matovelle Pre-Schoolers


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Casa de Metta Corp’s Official 1st Project is to be launched Oct 8, 2017. We have received 501(c)(3) status from The Internal Revenue Service. Documents to be included on this website, by the start of our first campaign.

This project is very dear to the hearts of our Board of Directors. Each of us knows and understands the importance of early developmental education. It sets a pattern that will be with the children as they mature throughout their lifetime.

So we are very pleased to begin this fundraising project, to raise the funds, to build 3 additional school rooms for the 3 to 5-year-old children expected in the next school year.

Below are photos of some of the children currently enrolled at Julio Maria Matovelle School.

More information to follow in a few more days. Check back after 8/4/17. As of 7/30/17 the application for Non-Profits Status from Internal Revenue Service has been completed and submitted. We expect to have an acknowledgment of this designation within a week, more or less.