The Smiling Monk’s Journal

2017-01-04_ a fb posting
Words can hurt, more than ever, but when we have our “head on right”, we can see the GOOD in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. It depends on who’s story we are living. Are YOU living YOUR story? IF NOT, Then there is no time to JUDGE someone else’s stories!! It may be “fiction”. And you inculcate it as “truth” they win, and you lose, over and over.

It was created from their perspective, whether right or not.

And if I were to attach my “head”/ “thinking” to what someone thinks is right or wrong, I am diminishing my “worth” and what I truly believe in. 70-Today-48 for some

Take for example, what Zig Zigglar said about the pot roast. There were 3 generations of cooks from this one family and the younger cook was asked, why did you cut off the end of the ham before putting it into the roasting pan. This person didn’t know, and said I did it because I “saw my mother do this”. Then her mother was asked and she too, did not know why, for she had seen her mother doing this as well. Fortunately Grand Ma was there and when she was asked, she said that the roasting pan for too small and that is why she “had” to cut off the end of the ham. Gramma had a reason... yet in too many instances we face, we do not have reasons for attaching ourself to others’ lives, ideals, prejudices, likes and or dislikes.

We can begin to ask questions of why I like or dislike something or someone and look back into our history and ask the person whom you may have gotten that IDEA and or prejudice, from!! It may be such a trivial circumstance or even a misunderstanding that triggered someone’s inner feeling, in the wrong way. But now you have attached your inner FEELINGS to something that is not even relevant in your life, in this day and time. Change is the only CONSTANT in live. The only constant is change. You and I are not the same as yesterday and will not be the same, tomorrow, as well; physically, mentally and logically.

Just think about what you really believe in, and how you judge something or someone. Is it really “your” honest, heart felt rationale or does it belong to someone else. I have always been one who filters out anyones beliefs and look deep inside for what I feel, know and accept for me, in this moment and in this present time.

Just be good to self, via meditation and loving all of self, before looking outward into our “fast paced” world of inconsistencies. I LOVE YOU, MORE, WHEN YOU SHOW ME YOUR REAL SELF!! So for this year, I will love you even if I DO NOT AGREE with what you show me. 🙂




Hi there, I was waiting for you to get to this page. And I want to tell you that having been called the Smiling Monk at retreat in Hanes Falls, N.Y. is why I created this name for myself. I really did not take a vow of poverty, although I, at times, felt that. Nor did I take myself out of the normal day to day activities of active human beings. But I meditate and focus on Peace, Love and Joy, a lot.

I am just enjoying using this name because I enjoy meditating and connecting to my spiritual guide, the center of my universe, God.

Over the years, I have been privileged to facilitate many others in understanding how to center themselves and focus on one thought and or to ask questions of importance as well. Most meditation instructs going into the silence, but we have made great progress in facilitating beginners in starting out with a goal or focus on what they need or positive desire for their life. And the silence comes as the mind channels itself into the state of blissfulness.

My current mission in life is to help 10 million being come to The Foundation for Global Peace and Harmony’s Ribbon Wave of Peaceful Meditation and Prayer by 2030. At present there is a three phase goal of reaching 100,000 members by Sept 21, 2017 during Phase I.

This connected to the United Nation’s International Day of Peace’s goal of ending poverty world wide and creating sustainable villages, world wide by 2030. We at The Foundation for Global Peace and Harmony are developing the smart phone apps and websites to help those who join our part of the cause to chose a 15 min time slot in the 8 to 9 pm hour of their respective time zone.

The current model for IDOP is that on Sept 21st each year millions of people and thousands of organizations plan events to inform the world of the need to focus on peace for our world. We have envisioned the need to have prayer and meditation every day all year long thereby creating a spiritual global wave of Pure Love within this Ribbon-Wave for Global Inner Peace. We know that Global Peace is not attainable until we have individual inner peace. But the beauty of this is simple; everyone needs not be a part of this project, just one-tenth of one percent of our global population. This is only 10,000,000 meditating and in prayer world-wide. Our phase III goal will manifest this during if not before Sept 21 2026.

As we share this idea with those who may not fully understand how to meditate, we will utilize a process called Progressive Meditation which begins with visualizing personal inner peace becoming world or global peace. If I do not have my own personal inner peace, it is not possible for my world of family and friends to follow.

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2016-08-08_Ron at 70, today, 8/8/16;

many say he is 48 to 58!!
I have found
You can do the same!!!

Wow, today is the best day of my entire life as I look at all of the wonderful, eclectic group of my fb friends, skype friends and the phone calls as well, who have greeted me, today, August 8th, 2016.

All of this has brought tears of joy into my eyes and filled my heart with love.

Nothing makes a person feel so good and close to each of you, like this special day has brought to me.

Words are not enough to express how I feel, today. And I will carry this with me into eternity!!!

But with some luck, I will have another 70 years of greatness ahead of me. I am only half way there!!!

I have often wondered how long I will live and in my meditations, the number 144 keeps appearing, when I have asked that question.

Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the length of time we are granted to remain on this planet, but in my heart, I will do more and be more, because I have a positive attitude of longevity, health and healing.

So, thanks again for all of your love, expressed in the happy birthday greeting(s) you have all sent to me on my special day!!

I feel truly blessed.
Your truly,
ron mohl, sr.