What is Progressive Meditation?

(1) FOCUS and “CONNECT” with our Spiritual Creator / Source Energy;

Universal Intelligence is available to you….learn how to connect – It is within each of us!!!

(2) Set or have a “GOAL” in mind. Learn how to set your goals

Having a Purpose or Goal to focus your energy on

(3) “VISUALIZE” this goal completed: feel it, believe, and see it in your heart;

Visualizing the end results with pin-point accuracy

(4) Speak and think only “POSITIVE statements”;

of self and of everyone whom we think of, ALWAYS. Positive Self talk

(5) The “INTENTION”, has to be a WIN-WIN-WIN result.

What we do for self(1), has to resonate in a win for others(2) and for NATURE / Universe at large(3)

(6) The “MANIFESTATION” is guaranteed;

if you meditate with the sounds of creation. (to be shared with you doing Meditation Explanations)