Basics of Meditation

How to use the 6 steps of Progressive Meditation

You may focus on one of the 6 steps during a 10 or 15 min session, that is all that needs to be done!! However, you will get more benefits by applying all steps in your session.

As you are thinking of the topic of the step you are meditating on, the 4 parts below are a way to keep your mind still by: Breathing, Focusing, Disengaging and Re-emerging.

It may seem to be a lot all at once but, that is the way we get all parts master!!! By constantly re-emerging ones self in quite, silent moments. In just 60 seconds when you can take a short break; that is all that is needed. And as we continue the process of adding more 60-second breaks; well, our inner bodies will demand more, for it is what we are needing and, well, you know;… your body, mind and soul will totally enjoy your newly formed habits of taking care of self!! And that’s for sure!! Read on….

Meditation is a powerful tool for resting the mind and body.

The following paragraphs describe a simple, repeatable process for beginning and mastering the practice of meditation.  Our goal here is to teach breathing and mindful attention, the two most fundamental and important aspects of meditation.

Part 1:   Breathing
Part 2:   Focusing
Part 3:   Disengaging
Part 4:   Re-emerging

Make sure to read the entire page before attempting any of the exercises.  If at any point you become uncomfortable, dizzy, or experience any kind of of pain, stop immediately.

We highly recommend that you drink a glass of water a few minutes before starting.

Part 1:  Breathing

This kind of breathing is called diaphragmatic  breathing or cleansing breaths and helps increase oxygen intake while maintaining stillness of the body and mind.

Eventually, with time and practice, you will re-learn how to breathe in a healthy way, much like a baby does naturally.

This state of breathing may not be attained at first, but just remember to go slowly and don’t add stress to yourself by doing something that is not easy or is uncomfortable for you.

Part 2:  Focusing

a. What you place your attention on, you begin the attraction process. So make the object of your focus, positive, good for self, others and the universe. No matter what it is we think about can be created.

b. The more we bring this something we focus on and begin to bring feelings of love from our heart region for it, we are able to connect to our creator. This connection amplifies results.

c. Therefore, by focusing on what is needed, what we want and what is desired, we bring into our reality. It does not happen instantly, in most things we try this with, but give it time and positive energy and the results will come into reality. (Now, this, is when patience, becomes a virtue).

d. While meditating you only want to focus on positive results. Therefore, when a negative thought or something that is not positive comes to mind, re-frame it into a positive. This means accepting and sending love to someone who may have harmed you. It may not be easy, but necessary for you to heal and reclaim your lost energy. (More on reclaiming lost energy later).

Part 3:  Disengaging

a. We must disengage from the outcome. In other words, it must not matter to us if we get what we focus on or not. This is the really tough part. And you may ask, “But I thought I was to focus on what I wanted?” Yes, you are! But when you build up your hopes of having it, needing it and can not live without it, you break the cycle of being in a receptive mode. Just be happy and don’t worry about it.

b. The receptive mode is free of connection to the outcome. You are using the spiritual realm to help you and this is where we came from. We were created as spirits and are currently spirits living a human existence. Once you remember who you are, this part of the meditation comes easily.

c. This is where you have to believe in your heart and soul, the results will happen, and just leave it at that. Except for, those times you remember your goals, dreams or desires. Then, you must bring it into the heart region and see it in your mind’s eye, that you are living in possession of what your have as a goal, Now! Believing is the key to achieving. It does not happen instantly but give it time and positive energy and the results will come into reality.

Part 4:  Re-emerging

Near the end of your Progressive Meditation session you will be Re-emerging from your focused intentions and heart felt love of positiveness that has been flowing from within. All love, all success, all peace begins from within. That is where our source is. We are created in the image of the Father, God, The Creator. We do not have to look outside of ourselves, for this truth. And once we experience this, we are instantly connected to The Creator. You are divinity in training. You and I are like God and like the Son and like the Holy Spirit. Remember, the word “like” means “same as”. I believe we will never see or touch this God, but just learn to listen and this voice will re-emerge from deep within. (Remember we started our existence as spirits who became spirits in human form and as spirits we will remain forever.) And as we experience each moment of meditation it continues to accumulate.So the more times you build up and accumulate inner peace, you accomplish your personal detoxification of build up “stuff” we accumulate over our lifetime.

It is not a quick fix….you must take the time to uncover your great possibilities…time is your best friend if you use it wisely.