Welcome to Casa de Metta, were we like to be called the helpers of children who are experiencing life challenges of a very difficult kind.

The definition of Metta is:
Loving-kindness, Friendliness, Benevolence,
Amity, Friendship, Good Will, Kindness,
A close mental union (on same mental wavelength)
AND, active interest in others.
This is unconditional LOVE.



You and I can help make a big difference in 2023 and beyond. World Peace may not be possible until several things are in play. Truth, Justice and the respect for the laws that govern.

Click this link here to make your love offering in an amount you choose.\


The word Metta, means amity which is defined as Peace Between Nations. And we at Casa de Metta corporaton support peace; inner peace which leads to peace within our families, within our neighborhoods, our state, our nation, between nations and walla, THE WORLD.

A Non-Profit Corp, filed in Florida,
June 21, 2017
501(c)(3) designation letter received Aug 8, 2017.