Peace and Victory Celebration for the People of Ukraine

We at Casa de Metta Corporation have been involved in International Day(s) of Peace since 2007. We are planning an event that will include all nations with embassies in WDC that support Ukraine’s efforts during the illegal war against them.

Here is our plans for this years events:

THEME: Truth and Justice must PREVAIL for PEACE to THRIVE & SURVIVE is our focus for this year’s IDOP. Ron Mohl, Sr. (contact info: along with Casa De Metta Corporation, a 501(c)3 non-profit org, is sponsoring a worldwide IDOP event on the National Mall for all to come in the MetroWDC area.

We are asking everyone to send this information to everyone they know who wants to have Inner City Peace, Peace in their County, State, and World Peace. All together we can make a huge difference this year and in the years to come (we have a 10 yr focus and commitment to world peace).

  1. Join us at the Washington Monument, east side, on the National Mall Thursday, Sept 21, 2023 at 4:30-9:00pm 
  2. Here is what you can do to help us? 

There are two options to consider at first: You alone or a group you put together of your friends and or work associates:

  1. Register at for updates on the planned events.
  2. Then,
    1. write a POEM, or have a team activity with banners etc in your neighborhood, with friends or work associates; or 
    2. Write a new song or sing a song you like that will give Peaceful energy to and for Ukraine and the World a boost; 
    3. Record your presentation and upload it to our server for presenting to the people of many countries and Ukraine. 
    4. Then go to our calendar and choose a time and day for your presentation on our fb live events.

We then can all become a part of making internal peace our priority from day to day and with this expanded energy of and for peace, there is a much better chance to usher in world peace.

Your gift of $25, $100 or more will go a long way in helping us in this project. with: staging, sound equipment, shirts for volunteers, and water for those on our team of workers. 

I thank you, in advance, for your generosity. I can see the joy on each of the faces who see how much we have done to support Ukraine in her current challenges.